Wells-next-the-Sea - 24 August 2020


On Bullock Hills is a short photo essay made in June 2023 with the aim of showing just how verdant, explosive and glorious our natural surroundings can be when left to their own devices. Lush stands of oak and birch mix with an undergrowth bursting with ferns and brambles and a floor of crunchy leaf litter and life giving humus. The dead wood left from trees being blown over or dying hides yet more life, birds sing for territory and mating rights and squirrel, rabbit and deer scurry and run. To some it might just seem to be a scrubby bit of land convenient to walk the dog or get together with your mates, but actually it’s a habitat rich in life; one of those tiny diamonds of land that we can’t afford to lose. And at this time of year the trees express the joy and abundance of life in Bullock Hills magnificently.