The A47 Project

Norfolk is known as a county of big blue skies, wildlife, mud flats, tourism, flat open expanses of farmland, picturesque wind pumps, aristocratic estates, and gorgeous coastlines. These give it a conservative, rich, good looking surface. But underneath that surface is centuries of ordinary everyday human existence, habitation and impact – the real Norfolk? – which has marked and transformed the county and it’s land. Historically, transformation has often been related to developments in the working life of the county and its people, but major political and religious impacts, and the marks and shadows of local culture and folklore, have also made their marks. 


My intention in this series, by travelling along and around the length of the A47 within the county, is to create photographs that come together like points of light to create a constellation, a picture, that tells a different, less often considered story of the county. The A47 is the single most significant trunk road serving the county. Heading from west to east, I am travelling its full length within Norfolk between Wisbech and Hopton-on-Sea documenting what I encounter. The variety. The diversity. The reality. The beauty. I see this work as a sort of visual love poem to Norfolk.

Ongoing Series