Free As A Bird

This project is the result of series of discussions with Pandora Project (a West Norfolk charity focused on supporting women and children affected by domestic abuse) which commenced during the lockdowns of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020 and 2021. I had been aware from news reports, as many others would have been, that the lockdowns were giving rise to increased reports of incidences of domestic abuse and I decided that I would like to see if, as a photographer, there was any way in which I could help to raise awareness.

What interested me, from the point of view of the imagery that surrounds this subject, is that it almost always focuses on the experience of abuse, and not it’s survival. There appears to be very little imagery that is positive and celebrates the fact that women do survive domestic abuse and go on to live fulfilling and happy lives.

These photographs are intended to encourage women, victims of domestic abuse, that they can survive. They can be them. They are enough. There is a future: a future where they can truly be as free as a bird.

The first six images show the journey of a single survivor of domestic abuse from the experience itself to a situation where they reach the point of being able to be positive and excited about their future. The second set of six images show women claiming their lives back after domestic abuse and building their futures with strength, confidence, and contentment. The wording used in all the photographs is provided by a genuine survivor of domestic abuse.

This series of photographs is dedicated to all women everywhere that have suffered, and still do suffer, at the hands of men. Be free.

If you would like to help support Pandora Project, please consider purchasing a copy of the exhibition catalogue and/or a pin badge. 

If you are interested in exhibiting this work, please contact me.

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