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the a47 project

During 2021, heading from west to east, I'll be travelling the full
length of the A47 in Norfolk between Wisbech and Hopton-on-Sea photographing the everyday. The people, the landscapes, the bits and pieces of everyday life that capture my attention and eye. The variety. The diversity. The reality. It's separate, distinct beauty.


lockdown fAKENHAM

This photo essay, made during the months of March, April and May 2020, seeks to capture elements of the situation in Fakenham during lockdown.

A photo zine of this project is available for £6.00 plus P&P.

Ordinary-Devotion-The-Syro-Malabar-Pilgrimage-to-Walsingham-2019 004


In the bucolic setting of the Norfolk countryside, it’s a time of community for the UK’s Syro-Malabar Catholic congregations and their priests, a time of devotion and veneration of Mary the Mother of God, and (not least) a great family day out.

A photo zine of this project is available for £4.50 plus P&P.