The Norfolk BrOARds

The Norfolk BrOARds

I had an absolute ball yesterday photographing The Norfolk BrOARds on the beach at Wells next the Sea. It was pretty chilly, but we were blessed with some lovely bright weather and we made the most of it. Oh, and when it got a bit too much, one of the girls had a hipflask of rum to help us along!

Anyway, just to backtrack for a minute. Who are the Norfolk BrOARDs? Well, The Norfolk BrOARds are Kristi, Kate and Sandra – a group of crazy Norfolk women who will be rowing the Atlantic (yes, the actual ocean!) at the end of 2021, in aid of a number of charities, as part of the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge. They reckon it’s going to take them around 45 days!!

So, amongst many other things (good stomachs, a sense of adventure, fortitude, a huge amount of training, and rum) they need publicity and sponsorship as they have to raise a LOT of money! Hence, they need some great publicity photographs to help them achieve that.

The Norfolk BrOARds by Keith Osborn Photography
The Norfolk BrOARds


I love doing commercial photography for community projects and charities in Norfolk, so didn’t need a second invitation to get involved once they asked me. There’ll be a lot more to come, but for the time being they needed a bunch of shots of them as a team and individuals to help them start their publicity.

It was a great afternoon. They were fab to work with, had some cool ideas and worked with me on some ideas I’d had for them too. Publicity photography like this is all about getting your message across, your subject front and centre, being creative and making images that draw attention and show personality. And one thing these girls weren’t short of was personality.

I can’t wait to continue working with them. Great images grab peoples’ attention and give authenticity to a project, and this is what I’m hoping to do for The Norfolk BrOARds. It’s imagery worth investing in. Oh, and there was rum – did I mention that?


I’m Keith, married to artist wife Debbie, and based in Fakenham in the lovely county of Norfolk. I absolutely love making photographs – which is sort of lucky because I’m happy to say that it’s my full time job. I established Keith Osborn Photography in 2008 and the whole aim of what I do is to provide creative, unobtrusive and affordable wedding, commercial, lifestyle and portrait photography. I do also take time, however, to undertake personal work – photographs I make of things that specifically interest me. I see this as a place where I can experiment and provide potential clients with a little flavour of the style and ‘eye’ that I can bring to my paid for work. This work can be see on my website NotQuiteFree.