Pink is a project I started a bit lightheartedly as we have a few pink things around our house (courtesy of my wife Debbie!). But I now definitely think it has potential as a longer term photographic project and I’m really interested, as I photograph more pink, to see how it grows. As a starting point, I’m searching for and seeing beauty in the ordinariness of the pink things around me. I’m not sure where it will lead but I’m guessing it will be fascinating. 


There’s a lot in the psychology and history to the colour pink. I’m interested in the fact that it’s a colour with strong gender associations (often seen as a ‘girl’s’ colour) but in the 18C it was very much a man’s colour and a signifier of the masculine and the virile. It’s also the colour of the LGBTQ+ community, and as such has in the past few decades been reclaimed from it’s own very fraught and painful history. It’s used for breast cancer awareness and as a sign of female strength, and women’s rights. In this context, companies that try to jump on the bandwagon of promoting women’s rights (and indeed LGBTQ+ rights), but don’t have the necessary underlying ethics to support those stances, can be described as engaging in ‘pinkwashing’ for commercial and reputational gain. It can be seen as vibrant, creative, euphoric even. But can also be deemed childish, soft and weak. It’s a colour with much to say. 

Ongoing Series