Norfolk is a stunningly beautiful county of big blue skies, wildlife, mud flats, flat open expanses of farmland, picturesque wind pumps, and gorgeous beaches and coast which give it a rich, good looking surface. However, this can often disguise the ordinary working nature of the county and its people.

In getting away from the surface, delving deeper and creating photographs of ordinary people, places and activities I want to set in place a series of pinpoints of light that, when viewed together, will create a beautiful, distinct, and connected picture that tells a different, less understood story of the county. A sort of visual poem to Norfolk.

To do this, I’m using the A47 as a starting point. The A47 is the single most significant major trunk road serving the county. Heading from west to east, I will be travelling the full length of the A47 in Norfolk between Wisbech and Hopton-on-Sea photographing the everyday. The people I meet, the landscapes I find, the bits and pieces of everyday life that capture my attention and eye. The variety. The diversity. The reality. And the separate, distinct beauty that is contained there. The road itself is the basic geographic guide but not the be all and end all. I’ll be frequently stepping off the beaten track to try to find the extraordinary ordinariness of my surroundings and the people I meet.

A number of motifs will no doubt find their way into the work as it progresses. I’m particularly interested, for instance, in how Norfolk myth and folklore might find its way into the ordinary lives and places I come across. And what place religion might have, or what acts of belief, be they religious or otherwise, I might encounter along the way.

The ultimate objective is to publish the work as a book, although the final form of the book is yet to be decided.


Some work-in-progress images from The A47 Project as it develops during 2021.


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