Non-Profit & Charity Photography

Supporting Non-Profits and Charities in Norfolk, Suffolk & Cambridgeshire

I love to use my skills and experience to support charities, non-profits, social enterprises, and community organisations – a grouping sometimes called the third sector.

I am particularly passionate about issues of social justice, the welfare of the vulnerable, and the availability of opportunity to all. I also love to support truly local, community focused, undertakings. I enjoy working with organisations that make a genuine difference to the actual day to day lives of people in their communities and their target audience.

I bring all of my expertise and ability to a charity shoot, not to mention a full kit bag and my passion and enthusiasm. For me, these shoots are in no way second-string, fill-in-the-time jobs until the next commercial job comes along; they are a part of my target portfolio of work.

And, of course, charities have commercial objectives too (just as any business does), objectives often requiring the strongest imagery in order to generate key actions from their target supporter and client bases.

One crucial difference between third sector organisations and commercial businesses is that charities will often have less capability to pay commercial rates for their photography. I fully understand this.

My approach is to have an open and honest discussion with the organisation and work within their parameters in terms of how much, if any, they can pay for photography services. I am perfectly willing to work without charge for the right organisations, but of course welcome the opportunity of payment, even if not at commercial rates, where that is possible.

Professional photography for charity & third sector clients

Charity photography is different, and wonderfully so. It relies strongly on the empathy and understanding of the photographer,
the ability to work to the strengths and differences of others, and a patient and inclusive approach. I love working this way.

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