I’ve been reminded recently about how truly vital local businesses are to our economy here in Norfolk – and how resilient such businesses can be. And how loved they are by their owners and customers!


A lot of businesses have suffered this year as a result of the coronavirus epidemic but it seems to me that local businesses which are able to be agile and responsive to change and opportunity are in a very strong position to survive and thrive. We can see that many larger national businesses with huge overheads are going to struggle for years to even get back to a semblance of normality and in fact a number probably won’t be the same businesses they were before the epidemic struck – if they survive at all. But they are tankers which it can take a long time to turn around, whilst smaller local businesses can achieve a change of direction, if that’s necessary, much more rapidly.


I don’t mean to imply that local businesses don’t have their own challenges or that the epidemic hasn’t badly (in some cases fatally) damaged them too. But I think a lot have an opportunity now to make real inroads into local communities and become current and future winners in the new economic reality. It’s a growing belief of mine that local businesses are key to our future – those which are nimble and can respond quickly to changing demand seem, to me, to be those which will benefit going forward.


So, as a result of what I believe, I’ve been honing my own services to meet the demands of local businesses as they’re now the primary sector which I wish to serve. I am myself a micro-business, so I’m aiming to demonstrate my own thesis by meeting the demands of this client base in a fresh, flexible and creative way.


For example, I’ll be flexible and creative in respect of:

  • the size of job I’m willing to do  – “no job too small”, as they say.
  • the advice I can give you – analysing existing imagery and helping you develop and finalise a brief, for instance.
  • the time I spend with you –  a half day’s work for example can be split over two or three visits so you’re getting maximum value for your spend.
  • the way I charge – I’m happy to be ‘retained’ as a photographer so that for an agreed amount of work, over an agreed amount of time, you pay on say a monthly basis. Or of course outright per job if you prefer.

There are many other ways as well in which I can demonstrate this sort of approach. In essence I aim to partner and become ‘one of the team’ – to invest myself in a business so that my success depends on its success.

Now that businesses are reopening after the epidemic, it’s a good time to review whether your imagery is still relevant to your business needs. And if it’s not, or if it has changed, or you foresee a change coming down the road, now is the time  to act. After all, your imagery represents your business and it’s not worth skimping on it.


In fact, it’s good to think about your imagery not just in aesthetic or artistic terms, but as a hard nosed long term strategic investment. How do you grab your customers’ attention? How do you come across as authentic in what you do? How can you create trust? These are all vital to business success and imagery has maybe the key role to play here, certainly in creating those crucial first impressions.


So if you would like to talk to me about your photography needs, please do – I will listen and offer solutions which fit your business.


You can get in touch with me by calling on 07887 877650 or by emailing me at keith@keithosbornphotography.co.uk. I hope to hear from you.