Commissioned work

imagery worth investing in

Priced simply, and all-inclusively, I can provide you with images that will become a long term asset for your business: imagery worth investing in.


I’ll meet and discuss your requirements with you so that the finished work is designed and created to fit your business strategy and brand. And with my simple ‘everything included’ usage license, the finished images are able to be used in any context you wish from social media to print. There’s no time limit to their usage either and of course the images are not watermarked. And you won’t normally need to give a photographer credit when you use them.


My aim is to get to the heart of your brand to help you engage with both existing and new customers. Ultimately, I’m here to help you grow your business. 



You might wonder if you really need professional photos. If so, please download my brochure which I hope will help you to understand the real difference I can make. It’s full of information and advice about how to invest in professional photography, how your investment can become a genuine strategic asset for your business, tips for the shoot and some examples of my work.