Commercial Lifestyle Photography

Commercial lifestyle photography that's worth investing in

Your photos represent your business; they are a genuine strategic investment, not just a cost.
It's not worth skimping on them.

Tell your story

Commercial lifestyle photography is story telling. Telling the story of your brand in a way that your customers can relate to and engage with. It’s one of the best ways to connect with an audience because it starts at the point where the customer is, in a way with which they can readily identify; that is, with the humanness of your brand and your business. It’s a way of building trust.


Increasingly relevant in modern brand marketing, commercial lifestyle photography aims to capture the essence of who you are and why you do what you do by producing compelling visual imagery to convey your brand in ways that your audience understands and recognises.


It goes beyond just images of your products or services, or indeed of just headshots of your people (also highly important by the way but fulfilling a separate purpose); it conveys your personality and that of your business in a way that people will find irresistible to buy into.


Commercial lifestyle photography can also capture mood and feeling, the atmosphere of your business, the environment you create around you. All of these are aspects which are very powerful for those wanting to know whether your business is one with which they wish to interact. Think of the television advertising you see every day; it’s much less about the product now and increasingly about the brand. Feelings, emotions, and mood are brought into play and commercial lifestyle photography can do this for your business.


I love telling stories. It’s part of my DNA as a photographer: it’s the space I work in for my own art and documentary projects like Free As A Bird, Lockdown Fakenham, Ordinary Devotion, and my current ongoing piece of work, The A47 Project. This ability to tell stories through image is something I can bring to your business, to your brand, so if you’d like to have a chat about how we can work together on your story, please get in touch.

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